Winter Provenance
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At Pepe Saya we have been passionate about provenance and transparency from day one. Nine years later this hasn’t changed- with our focus remaining on sourcing the best Australian cream, developing relationships with our farmers and celebrating Australian dairy.
From mid-June you will notice on our products and boxes there will be a provenance sticker- which shows where the cream came from that created that beautiful tasting butter, crème fraiche, buttermilk, mascarpone or ghee. 
We want to bring the stories from our sources closer to you through Pepe Saya & our provenance stickers- with each season & region impacting our farmers differently. Coming into winter we have chatted to our farmers from NSW and Victoria about their region, weather conditions, their herd, feed, milk production and more. 

John Fairley from Country Valley Dairy in Picton, south-west of Sydney NSW (add in illustrated map)
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There is a special relationship between John & I- when Pepe Saya first started making cultured butter we had a problem as we could only buy low grade cream. We needed to deal with a farm direct. We were put onto Country Valley by a mutual friend, and from there our journey of sourcing cream direct from his farm began.
They had some good rainfall in March that saw plenty of pasture growth. The last 8 weeks have only seen 6mm, but we had some good rainfall this week that will help the start to this season. 
The cows are in good condition and health. At the moment they are eating a lot of ryegrass and oats pasture; then when they come into the dairy for milking they are eating kikuyu pellets and wheat. In the winter their diet is around 6% grain (slightly higher than summer & spring). It keeps them happy & calm while they are being milked and regulates their gut.
Their milk fat is sitting at around 4%, expecting a change from the spring flush hitting at the end of August depending on the rains. With climate change the flush has become less predictable- could be early, could be late, could be dry.

Wauchope, mid-north coast NSW (add in illustrated map)
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We have been sourcing cream from Wauchope for the past 6 years. This time last year I went up with my two boys, Oli & Seb, to visit the Baker Farm, one of our main farms in the region. Sandra, Colin & Bob run a mixed herd of 270 milkers, every 5th cow being a Jersey and some Friesian x Jerseys. 

The weather in the area has been drier this year. There was some good rain in March, but earlier months had below average rainfall. 
The fat and protein percentage is sitting a touch higher at 3.9%, as the volume of milk produced is down for the winter months. Milk volumes will increase towards the end of winter into spring, with the amount of the flush dependent on how the season unfolds, the more rain the better. 

Geelong & Gippsland VIC- where we source our certified organic cream (add in illustrated map)
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After some years of hunting for the best source of organic cream in Australia we launched our Pepe Saya certified organic range last year, sourcing cream from the Gippsland region of Victoria. This has opened our eyes to another part of Australian dairy and the relationships between organic farmers, their herds and the environment.    
Within the Gippsland region there have been weather variations- the south west is having a better season after a good spring last year, whereas the east has had harder winters the past couple of years. 
With drier weather they reduce the number of cows milking so that they can maintain their wellbeing to the highest levels, which is a common trend in the dairy industry. Their farmers watch the weather closely to make sure they are giving their cows enough shade & shelter, putting in the right wind barriers & giving them comfortable rest environments.
Suzanne explained to us how their herds are fed as simply putting a beautiful salad mix on a plate instead of just serving iceberg lettuce every meal. Their cows graze on varied pasture, they grow ‘herbs’ like dandelions, their hay is all from organically grown grasses bailed up for when the pastures are poorer, and they have access to supplements like salt. 
Their milk fat is sitting at 4.8%, with organic dairy being inherently higher. The spring flush is expected to begin in September, but it can hit as late as October-November. The volume will go up, fat will drop to around 4.4% and proteins will remain steady.
With bobby calves there are much higher industry standards in place across the board, and then within the organic industry there are further internal standards. 
Their cows are never induced & aren’t given hormones, so it means that the calves are born at full term & as strong as possible. Some will be reared completely on their mother, leading to a happier and healthier cow & giving the farmers a secondary income when weened. They hold the philosophy that they can share the milk supply with the calves- mothers will produce what is needed to meet the demands. The introduction of sexed semen is an important step for bobby calves in the industry and something their farmers will use when its available. 

We also source our cream from-

Allansford on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria (add in illustrated map)
They have been supplying us their beautiful 100% Jersey milk for the last 7 years. 

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Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, NSW (add in illustrated map)
When available we source cream from the Hunter
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